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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude Journal

I am Grateful that:

I can walk, talk, breath, laugh, smile, pray, feed myself, and see out my window
My body WANTS to heal itself
I have a deepening faith and connection with spirit
I have a computer and can connect with others and
That I have loving family and friends
I have so much time to myself, right now
I can receive education and wisdom whenever I want
I have a peaceful, warm, safe, beautiful home
My back problems are getting better
My pain is going away
I have a higher-self to check-in with
My angel guides are always here with me to help me out
The universe answers all of my prayers : )
The hot water was heated today and I have been getting along with my mother
I herniated my disk so that I can take this time to write and blog
I found The Fibromyalgia Experiment to learn how to make money blogging!

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