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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Physical Symptoms of Star People


Author Brad Steiger has written many books on this subject. Brad was a guest on my television talk show, "The Metaphysical Experience".

Brad spoke of the term "Star People" and its link to Native American beliefs in our creation by visitors from the stars. Our souls all have connections to other realms as our place of origin. In past lives some of us have come to Earth to learn while others experienced on other planets and realms.

Star People By Brad Steiger
Brad told me that when he had compiled this list of attributes of "Star People" he had no idea how many people would be affected by it. The number of people who currently fit the profile of Star Children - or those who are evolving - has risen greatly since Brad wrote his book. I have therefore removed the stats and just left the information - based on categories. If you do not fit into any of these categories - and feel a sense of disconnection and change within yourself and the universe you are still a Star Child. It is your journey through the Universe of this experiences.
  • 65% are female: 35% are male

  • Compelling eyes

  • Great magnetism and personal charisma

  • Sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields

  • Lower body temperature than the norm

  • Chronic sinustis

  • Extra or transitional vertebra

  • Hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors

  • Swollen or painful joints

  • Pain in the back of the neck

  • Adversely affected by high humidity

  • Survived a life-threatening illness

  • Involved in a severe accident or traumaEMOTIONAL

  • Feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions

  • Experienced a sense of oneness with the universe

  • Many have difficulty dealing with / or expressing emotions or have a chemical imbalanceEXTRATERRESTRIAL EXPERIENCES

  • All believe in life on other planets

  • Most believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it

  • At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical experience

  • Believe they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level or a being of light

  • Telepathic communication with an alien entity - physical or non-physical

  • They receive some form of communication from a higher sourceOUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES

  • Near Death Experiences

  • Out of Body ExperiencesMETAPHYSICAL

  • Believe in their spirit guides or angel

  • Believe they have been blessed after the appearance of a holy figure

  • An intense religious experience

  • Believe in a God or creational source of energy

  • Believe in miracles

  • Had an invisible playmate as a child

  • Saw an elf - "wee person" - or "fairy"

  • Saw a ghost

  • Aware of parallel existence at this time in other worlds

  • Contact with deceased loved one

  • Believe in reincarnation

  • Have past life memories or / memories from parallel experiencesSKILLS

  • Perform healings on themselves and others

  • Experienced a white light during meditation

  • Experience clairvoyance and clairaudience

  • Have made prophetic statements, had prophetic dreams or visions that have come to pass

  • See auras

  • Practice automatic writing

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