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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Feeling full and Energized Supplement, Chromium

Ok~if you have fibromyalgia you might also have issues with hypoglycemia. I do! It is pretty bad. Eating small meals through the day helps to balance my blood sugar levels. And, staying away from processed foods and foods that are off the blood type diet (and gluten), also helps me to stay energized and prevents hypoglycemia. But, if you are doing all that you can with diet and still need help....or haven't got to the diet part yet....then, I recommend trying chromium to balance blood sugar levels. Taking it instantly raises your blood sugar level, decreasing fatigue and hunger. I also take it at night to help me sleep, since, hypoglycemia is a huge factor that contributes to my insomnia. And, sometimes, I take it in the morning a few hours before I get up to help me sleep stay asleep in the morning too. This supplement is a mainstay in my collection of supplements.

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